IronSkills Kettlebell Courses brings an exciting, dynamic class concept to Oxted. We offer 3-week beginners’ level kettlebell courses which will introduce you to the benefits of kettlebell training in a small group format.

Our classes are led by fully-qualified kettlebell instructors, Ben Jones and Sarah Anderson, 2 local personal trainers with experience and expertise in various fields within the fitness industry (for more information click ‘Meet The Trainers’ above), who will teach you correct technique for the basic & more advanced kettlebell moves. Each course comprises one 60 minute-long session per week over a 3 week period.

IronSkills offers our clients a step-by-step progression to learn steadily, safely and effectively how and why kettlebells can be incorporated as part of a training programme in a busy lifestyle. During our courses you will learn to swing, snap, snatch, clean, press and work through the 3 planes of movement the human body moves in.

After completing our Level 1 course you will then have the opportunity to sign up to our Level 2 course where we take the basic moves learned and perfected in Level 1, and advance them to a more intermediate level.

Following completion of both Levels 1 & 2, you will then have the opportunity to participate in a more advanced once-weekly circuits class which comprises basic and more advanced moves from L1 & L2 as well as other complementary exercises to give you a fun, complete, full-body workout.

All our courses operate in a small, intimate group format which offers closer attention to technique & form giving you the best possible platform from which to learn and progress your kettlebell skills.

IronSkills is the place to learn how to truly move and choreograph your kettlebell workout.

2 comments on “Home

  1. Hi ,
    I would definitely be interested in level 1 kettle bells on a Saturday Morning 8/8.30am if it will ever be available.
    Kind regards

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